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Islam means "submission to God in peace". Islam teaches there is only One God, whose primary name is "Allah" in the Arabic language. Islam is the same essential message given to all the prophets, from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and finally to the Last Prophet, Muhammad, (peace be upon them all). They all proclaimed the same basic Divine message: worship only God, stop worshipping human beings and other created things There's a different between Islam and Muslims!! What's the purpose of life? What Do You Know About Islam? Not what you have heard about Islam, not what you have seen in the actions of some Muslims, but what do you really know about Islam?

Thursday, September 27, 2012



The Forgiveness of Muhammad 

(Peace Be Upon Him)

Shown to Non-Muslims


(part 1 of 2)


Description: The forgiveness of the Prophet towards non-Muslims, even those who sought to kill him and opposed his mission throughout his life.  Part 1.

The Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, was described as a 

 “Mercy for all the Worlds”, as God said in the Quran

(“We have sent you as a mercy for all the worlds.” (Quran 21:107

The recipients of this quality were not limited to just the Muslim nation, but it also extended to non-Muslims, some of who spent all their effort trying to harm the Prophet and his mission.  This mercy and forgiveness is clearly demonstrated in the fact that the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, never took revenge on anyone for personal reasons and always forgave even his staunch enemies.  Aisha said that the Prophet never took revenge on his own behalf on anyone.  She also said that he never returned evil for evil, but he would forgive and pardon.  This will, God willing, become clear after a deep analysis of the following accounts of his life.

In the earlier portion of his mission, the Prophet traveled to the city of Taif, a city located in the mountains nearby to Mecca, in order to invite them to accept Islam.  The leaders of Taif, however, were rude and discourteous in their treatment of the Prophet.  Not being content with their insolent attitude towards him, they even stirred up some gangs of the town to harass him.  This riff-raff followed the Prophet shouting at and abusing him, and throwing stones at him, until he was compelled to take refuge in an orchard. 

 Thus the Prophet had to endure even more obstacles in Taif than he had had to face in Mecca.  These ruffians, stationed either side of the path, threw stones at him until his feet were injured and smeared with blood.  These oppressions so grievously dejected the Prophet and plunged him into in such a state of depression that a prayer, citing his helplessness and pitiable condition and seeking the aid of God, spontaneously came from his lips

“O God, to You I complain of my weakness, lack of resources and humiliation before these people.  You are the Most Merciful, the Lord of the weak and my Master.  To whom will You consign me?  To one estranged, bearing ill will, or an enemy given power over me?  If You do not assign me any worth, I care not, for Your favor is abundant upon me.  I seek refuge in the light of Your countenance by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right, lest Thy anger should descend upon me or Your displeasure light upon me.  I need only Your pleasure and satisfaction for only You enable me to do good and evade the evil.  There is no power and no might but You.”
The Lord then sent the angel of mountains, seeking the permission of the Prophet to join together the two hills and crush the city of Taif, between which it was located.  Out of his great tolerance and mercy, the Messenger of God replied,
“No!  For, I hope that God will bring forth from their loins people who will worship God
alone, associating nothing with Him.”
 (Saheeh Muslim)

His mercy and compassion was so great that on more than one occasion, God, Himself, reprimanded him for it.  One of the greatest opponents of Islam and a personal enemy, was Abdullah bin Ubayy, the leader of the hypocrites of Medina.  Outwardly proclaiming Islam, he surreptitiously inflicted great harm to the Muslims and the mission of the Prophet.  Knowing his state of affairs, the Prophet Muhammad still offered the funeral prayer for him and prayed to God for his forgiveness.  The

Quran mentions this incident in these words

“And never (O Muhammad) pray for one of them who dies, nor stand by his grave.  Lo!  They disbelieve in God and His Messenger, and they died while they were evil doers.”
(Quran 9:84)

Abdullah bin Ubayy worked all his life against Muhammad and Islam and left no stone unturned so as to bring him into disrepute and try to defeat his mission.  He withdrew his three hundered supporters in the battle of Uhud and thus almost broke the backbone of the Muslims at one stroke.  He engaged in intrigues and acts of hostility against the Prophet of Islam and the Muslims.  It was he who tried to bring shame to the Prophet by inciting his allies to falsely accuse the Prophet’s wife, Aisha, of adultery in order to discredit him and his message.

فواصل ورود كيوت لتزيين المواضيع

The Forgiveness of Muhammad

(Peace Be Upon Him)

 Shown to Non-Muslims

 (part 2 of 2)

Description: The forgiveness of the Prophet towards non-Muslims, even those who sought to kill him and opposed his mission throughout his life.  Part 2: More examples

The mercy of the Prophet even extended to those who brutally killed and then mutilated the body of his uncle Hamzah, one of the most beloved of people to the Prophet.  Hamzah was one of the earliest to accept Islam and, through his power and position in the Quraishite hierarchy, diverted much harm from the Muslims.  An Abyssinian slave of the wife of Abu Sufyan, Hind, sought out and killed Hamzah in the battle of Uhud.  The night before the victory of Mecca, Abu Sufyan accepted Islam, fearing the vengeance of the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him.  The latter forgave him and sought no retribution for his years of enmity.

After Hind had killed Hamzah she mutilated his body by cutting his chest and tearing his liver and

heart into pieces.  When she quietly came to the Prophet and accepted Islam, he recognized her but did not say anything. 

 She was so impressed by his magnanimity and stature that she said, “O 

Messenger of God, no tent was more deserted in my eyes than yours; but today no tent is more lovely in my eyes than yours.”
Ikrama, son of Abu Jahl, was a great enemy of the Prophet and Islam.  He ran away after the victory

of Mecca and went to Yemen.  After his wife embraced Islam,  she brought him to the Prophet

 Muhammad under her protection.  He was so pleased to see him that he greeted him with the words: 

“O emigrant rider, welcome.”

Safwan bin Umaya, one of the chiefs of Mecca, was also a great enemy of Muhammad and Islam.  He promised a reward to Umair ibn Wahab if he managed to kill Muhammad.  When Mecca was conquered, Safwan ran away to Jeddah in the  hope of finding a berth that would take him to Yemen by sea.  Umair ibn Wahab came to Muhammad and said, “O Messenger of God!  Safwan ibn Umayya,  a chief of his tribe, has run away from fear of what you might do to him and threatens to cast himself into the sea.”  The Prophet sent him a  guarantee of protection and, when he returned, he requested Muhammad to give him two months to come to a decision..  He was given four months, after which he became a Muslim by his own will.
Habir ibn al-Aswad was another vicious enemy of Muhammad and Islam. He inflicted a serious injury to Zainab, daughter of the Noble Prophet when she decided to migrate to Medina.  She was pregnant when she started her migration, and the polytheists of Mecca tried to stop her from leaving.  This particular man, Habbar bin al-Aswad, physically assaulted her and intentionally caused her to fall down from her camel.  Her fall had caused her to miscarry her baby, and she herself, was badly hurt.  He had committed many other crimes against Muslims as well.  He wanted flee to Persia but, when he decided to come to Muhammad instead, the Prophet magnanimously forgave him.

The tribe of Quraish the were archenemies of Islam and, for a period of thirteen years while he was still in Mecca, they would rebuke the Prophet, taunt and mock him, beat him and abuse him, both physically and mentally.  They placed the afterbirth of a camel on his back while he prayed, and they boycotted him and his tribe until the social sanctions became unbearable.  They plotted and attempted to kill him on more than one occasion, and when the Prophet escaped to Medina, they rallied the majority of the Arab tribes and waged many wars against him.  Yet, when he entered Mecca victorious with an army of 10,000, he did not take revenge on anyone. 

 The Prophet said to the Quraish:
O people of Quraish!  

What do you think I will do to you

Hoping for a good response, they said: “You will do good.  You are a noble brother, son of a noble brother.”
The Prophet then said:
“Then I say to you what Joseph said to his brothers: ‘There is no blame upon you.’  Go!  For you all free!.”

Rarely in the annals of history can we read such an instance of forgiveness. Even his deadliest enemy Abu Sufyan, who led so many battles against Islam, was forgiven, as was any person who stayed in his house and did not come to fight him.
The Prophet was all for forgiveness and no amount of crime or aggression against him was too great to be forgiven by him.  He was the complete example of forgiveness and kindness, as mentioned in

the following verse of the Quran
Keep to forgiveness (O Muhammad), and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant.”

(Quran 7:199)

He always repelled evil with the good of forgiveness and kind behavior for, in his view, an antidote was better than poison.  He believed and practiced the precept that love could foil hatred, and aggression could be won over by forgiveness.  He overcame the ignorance of the people with the knowledge of Islam, and the folly and evil of the people with his kind and forgiving treatment.  With his forgiveness, he freed people from the bondage of sin and crime, and also made them great friends

of Islam.  He was an epitome of the verse of the Quran:

“Good and evil are not alike.  Repel evil with what is better.  Then he, between whom and you there was hatred, will become as though he was a bosom friend.”

 (Quran 41:34)


[1] “Mukhtasar Seeratur Rasool”, Muhammad ibn Sulayman at-Tameemi.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dr. Gary Miller

A very important Christian missionary converted to Islam and became a major herald for Islam, he was a very active missionary and was very knowledgeable about the Bible... This man likes mathematics so much, that's why he likes logic. One day, he decided to read the Quran to try to find any mistakes that he might take advantage of while inviting Muslims to convert to Christianity.... He expected the Koran to be an old book written 14 centuries ago, a book that talks about the desert and so on...He was amazed from what he found. He discovered that this Book had what no other book in the world has.... He expected to find some stories about the hard time that the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had, like the death of his wife Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) or the death of his sons and daughters...however, he did not find anything like that... and what made him even more confused is that he found a full "sura"(chapter) in the Koran named "Mary" that contains a lot of respect to Mary(peace be upon her) which is not the case even in the books written by Christians nor in their bibles.
He did not find a Sura named after "Fatimah"(the prophet's daughter) nor "Aa’ishah"(the Prophet's wife), may Allah(God) be pleased with both of them. He also found that the name of Jesus(Peace Be Upon Him) was mentioned in the Koran 25 times while the name of "Mohammed"(Peace Be Upon Him) was mentioned only 4 times, so he became more confused. He started reading the Koran more thoroughly hoping to find a mistake but he was shocked when he read a great verse which is verse number 82 in Surat Al-Nisa'(Women) that says:
Do they not consider the Koran (with care)? Had it been from other than 

Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy”. Dr Miller says about this verse: One of the well known scientific principles is the principle of finding mistakes or looking for mistakes in a theory until it’s proved to be right (Falsification Test)…what’s amazing is that the Holy Quran asks Muslims and non-muslims to try to find mistakes in this book and it tells them that they will never find any. He also says about this verse: no writer in the world has the courage to write a book and say that it’s empty of mistakes, but the Quran, on the contrary, tells you that it has no mistakes and asks you to try to find one and you won’t find any. Another verse that Dr Miller reflected on for a long time is the verse number 30 in SuratAl-Anbiya’”(The Prophets): Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of Creation), before We clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” He says: This verse is exactly the subject of the scientific research that won the Noble prize in 1973 and was about the theory of the “Great Explosion”. According to this theory, the universe was the result of a great explosion that leads to the formation of the universe with its skies and planets. Dr Miller says: Now we come to what’s amazing about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and what’s pretended about the devils helping him, God says: No evil ones have brought down this (Revelation), it would neither suit them nor would they be able (to produce it). Indeed they have been removed far from even (a chance of) hearing it(26:210-212).When thou do read the Quran, seek Allah's protection from Satan the Rejected One (16:98). You see? can this be the devil’s way to write a book? how can he write a book then tells you to ask God for protection from this devil before reading that book? those are miraculous verses in this miraculous book! and has a logical answer to those who pretend that it’s from the devil. And among the stories that amazed Dr Miller is the story of the Prophet (PBUH) with Abu-Lahab… Dr Miller says: This man (Abu Lahab) used to hate Islam so much that he would go after the Prophet wherever he goes

till he finishes and then ask them: what did Mohammed tell you? If he said it’s white then it’s in reality black and if he said it’s night then it’s day. He meant to falsify all what the prophet says and to make people suspicious about it. And 10 years before the death of Abu Lahab, a sura was inspired to the prophet, named “Al-Masad”. This sura tells that Abu Lahab will go to hell, in other words, it says that Abu Lahab will not convert to Islam. During 10 years, Abu Lahab could have said: Mohammed is saying that I will not become a Muslim and that I will go to the hell fire, but I’m telling you now that I want to convert to Islam and become a Muslim. What do you think about Mohammed now? Is he saying the truth or no? Does his inspiration come from God?”
But Abu Lahab did not do that at all although he was disobeying the prophet in all matters, but not in this one. In other words, it was as if the prophet (PBUH) was giving Abu Lahab a chance to prove him wrong! But he did not do that during 10 whole years! he did not convert to Islam and did not even pretend to be a Muslim!! Throughout 10 years, he had the chance to destroy Islam in 1 minute! But this did not happen because those are not the words of Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) but the words of God Who knows what’s hidden and knows that Abu Lahab will not become a Muslim. How can the prophet (PBUH) know that Abu Lahab will prove what is said in that Sura if this was not inspiration from Allah? How can he be sure throughout 10 whole years that what he has (the Quran) is true if he did not know that it’s inspiration from Allah?? For a person to take such a risky challenge, this has only one meaning: that this is inspiration from God. Perish the hands of the Father of Flame (Abu Lahab)! perish he! No profit to him from all his wealth, and all his gains! Burnt soon will he be in a Fire of blazing Flame! His wife shall carry the (crackling) wood; As fuel! A twisted rope of  palm-leaf fibre round her (own) neck!” surat Al-Masad. Dr Miller says about a verse that amazed him: one of the miracles in the Quran is challenging the future with things that humans cannot predict and to which the “Falsification Test” applies, this test consists of looking for mistakes until the thing that is being tested is proved to be right. For ex

ample, let’s see what the Quran said about the relation between Muslims and Jews. Quran says that Jews are the major enemies for Muslims and this is true until now as the main enemy for Muslims are the Jews.
Dr Miller continues: this is considered a great challenge since the Jews have the
 chance to ruin Islam simply by treating Muslims in a friendly way for few years and then say: here we are treating you as friends and the Quran says that we are your enemies, the Quran must be wrong then! But this did not happen during 1400 years!! and it will never happen because those are the words of The One who knows the unseen (God) and not the words of humans.
Dr Miller continues: can you see how the verse that talks about the enmity between Muslims and Jews constitutes a challenge to the human mind? Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the Believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant. And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth: they pray: "Our Lord! We believe; write us down among the witnesses (5: 82-84) This verse applies to Dr Miller as he was a Christian but when he knew the truth, he believed and converted to Islam and became a herald. May Allah support him.

Dr Miller says about the unique style of the Quran that he finds wonderful: no doubt there is something unique and amazing in Quran that is not present anywhere else, as the Quran gives you specific information and tells you that you did not know this before. For example:
"This is part of the tidings of the things unseen, which We reveal unto thee (O Prophet!) by inspiration: thou was not with them when they cast lots with arrows, as to which of them should be charged with the care of Maryam: nor was thou with them when they disputed (the point)” (3: 44). “Such are some of the stories of the Unseen, which We have revealed unto thee: before this, neither thou nor thy People knew them. So persevere patiently: for the End is for those who are righteous” (11: 49). “Such is one

of the stories of what happened unseen, which We reveal by inspiration unto thee: nor was thou (present) with them when they concerted their plans together in the process of weaving their plots (12: 102)

Dr Miller continues: No other holy book uses this style, all the other books consist of information that tells you where this information came from. For example, when the (distorted) holy bible talks about the stories of the ancient nations, it tells you that a this king lived in a this place and a that leader fought in that battle, and that a certain person had a number of kids and their names are…. But this book (distorted Bible) always tells you that if you want to know more, you can read a certain book since that information came from that book”.
Dr Garry Miller continues: this is in contrary to the Quran which gives you the information and tells you that it’s new!! And what’s amazing is that the people of Mecca at that time -time of inspiration of those verses- used to hear those verses and the challenge that the information in those verses was new and was not known by Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) nor by his people at that time, and despite that, they never said: we know this and it is not new, and they did not say: we know where Mohammed came from with those verses. This never happened, but what happened is that nobody dared to say that he was lying to them because those was really new information, not coming from the human mind but from Allah who knows the unseen in the past, the present and the future”.

By: Dr Garry Miller
May Allah reward Dr Miller for this nice reflection on the Book of Allah




Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jermain Jackson embraces Islam

Islam My Religion Wallpaper

Jermain Jackson. Brother of Michael Jackson, embraced Islam after a visit to Bahrain as part of his Middle East tour in 1989. He has taken the name Muhammad Abdul Aziz and lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles. This is the place where he and his sisters compose their musical notes. It is constantly under surveillance by more than 15 security vans round the clock

It was back in 1989 when I, along with my sister, conducted a tour to some of the countries of Middle East. During our stay in Bahrain, we were accorded warm welcome. There I happened to meet some children and had a light chitchat with them. I put a certain questions to them and they flung at me their innocent queries. During the course of this interaction they inquired about my religion. I told them, “I am a Christian.” I asked them, as to what was their religion? A wave or serenity took over them. They replied in one voice – Islam. Their enthusiastic answer really shook me from within. Then they started telling me about Islam. They were giving me information, much in piece with their age. The pitch of their voice would reveal that they were highly proud of Islam. This is how I paced towards Islam

A very short interaction with a group of children ultimately led me to have long discourses about Islam with Muslim scholars. A great ripple had taken place in my thought. I made failing attempt to console myself that nothing had happened but I could not conceal this fact any longer from myself that at heart I had converted to Islam. This I disclosed first to my family friend, Qunber Ali.

Having embraced Islam, I found answers to such queries as those relating to the birth of Christ. For the first time I was convinced about the religion itself. When I got back to the United States after embracing Islam, American media orchestrated heinous propaganda against Islam and the Muslims. The gossips were let loose on me which really disturbed my peace of mind. The Hollywood was hell-bent upon maligning the Muslims. They were being projected as terrorist. There are many things where there is consensus between Christianity and Islam, and the Qur’an presents Christ as a Prophet. Then, I wondered, why Christian

America levels baseless allegations against Muslims?
This made me gloomy. I made up my mind that I would do my best to dispel the wrong image of Muslims, portrayed by the American media. I had not the slightest idea that American media would not digest the news of my accepting Islam and raise such a great hue and cry. It was virtually acting against all its tall and much publicized claims about the freedom of expression and the freedom of conscience. So the hypocrisy of American society came to surface and lay uncovered before me. Islam unknotted many complications for me. As a matter of fact, I came to surface and lay uncovered before me. Islam unknotted many complications for me. As a matter of fact, I came to think of myself as a complete human being, in the literal sense of the word. After becoming Muslim, I felt a tremendous change in me. I discarded all thing prohibited in Islam. This made things difficult for my family too. In short, the Jackson family tumbled altogether. Threatening letters poured in, which further intensified the worries of my family.

Well, they would tell me: “You have tortured the animosity of American society and culture by entering into the fold of Islam; you have deprived yourself of the right to live with others,” They threatened to make life
unbearable for me in America.

But I confess that my family is broadminded. We have held all religions in esteem. Our parents have trained and groomed us in that way. This is the result of that training that I am being tolerated by them so far.

On my way back to America, I brought a number of books. Michael Jackson asked me himself for some of these books to study. Before this, his opinion was influenced by the propaganda of American media against Islam and the Muslims. He was not inimical towards Islam, but he was not favorably disposed towards Muslims either. But after reading these books, he would keep mum and not say anything against Muslims.

When I returned to America, my mother had already heard the news of my conversion to Islam. She is a religious and civilized woman. She put forth only one question, “You have taken this decision al of a sudden, or is it the outcome of some deep and long thinking behind it?” “I have decided after a lot of thinking about
it,” I replied.

Like other members of my family, my sudden conversion to Islam was a great surprise for my sister pop star
 Janet Jackson. In the beginning, she was worried. She has stashed into her head only one thing that Muslims are polygamous; with as many as four wives. When I explained this permission granted by Islam with reference to the state of the present American society, she was satisfied. Promiscuity and infidelity is very common in the Western society. Islam safeguards the social fabric from this destruction.

As per Islamic teachings, if a man is emotionally attracted towards a woman, he should honourably give this relation a legal shape otherwise he must be contented with only one wife. On the other hand, Islam has laid down so many conditions for second marriages that I do not think that an ordinary Muslim can afford to meet these conditions financially. There are hardly one percent Muslims in the Islamic world who have more than one wife.

For the larger interest of humanity, Islamic society presents the safest place on this planet. For instance, take the example of women. American women are clad in their out-fit in such a manner that gives temptation to the male for harassment. But this is unthinkable in an Islamic society. Besides, the prevalent sins and vices have disfigured the moral fabric of Western society. I believe if there is any place left where the humanity is still visible, it cannot be anywhere else than in an Islamic society. Time would come when the world would be obliged to accept this reality.

I have met Muhammad Ali a number of times after embracing Islam. Ali is our family friend. He has
 provided useful guidance about Islam. Many persons have impressed me. But the fact is that first I turn to the Holy Qur’an, therefore I do not run a risk of getting strayed that one can be duly proud of. By the grace of God, I have seven sons and two daughters who, like me, are fully Islamic oriented. My wife is still studying Islam

?? What is the meaning of the name Jesus Christ

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Colonel Donald S. Rockwell

The simplicity of Islam, the powerful appeal and the compelling atmosphere of its mosques, the earnestness of its faithful adherents, the confidence inspiring realization of the millions throughout the world who answer the five daily calls to prayer --- these factors attracted me from the first. But after I had determined to become a follower of Islam, I found many deeper reasons for confirming my decision. The mellow concept of life -- fruit of the Prophet's combined course of action and contemplation --- the wise counsel, the admonitions to charity and mercy, the broad humanitarianism, the pioneer declaration of woman's property rights - these and other factors of the teachings of the man of Mecca were to me among the most obvious evidence of a practical religion so tersly and so aptly epitomized in the cryptic words of Muhammad, "Trust in God and tie your camel". He gave us a religious system of normal action, not blind faith in the protection of an unseen force in spite of our own neglect, but confidence that if we do all things rightly and to the best of our ability, we may trust in what comes as the Will of God.

The broadminded tolerance of Islam for other religions recommends it to all lovers of liberty. Muhammad admonished his followers to treat well the believers in the Old and New Testaments; and Abraham, Moses and Jesus are acknowledged as co-prophets of the One God. Surely this is generous and far in advance of
the attitude of other religions

The total freedom from idolatory ... is a sign of the salubrious strength and purity of the Muslim faith

The original teachings of the Prophet of God have not been engulfed in the maze of changes and additions of
 doctrinarians. The Qur'an remains as it came to the corrupt polytheistic people of Muhammad's time, changeless as the holy heart of Islam itself.

Moderation and temperance in all things, the keynotes of Islam, won my unqualified approbation. The health
 of his people was cherished by the Prophet, who enjoined them to observe strict cleanliness and specified fasts and to subordinate carnal appetites ... when I stood in the inspiring mosques of Istanbul, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Algiers, Tangier, Fez and other cities, I was conscious of a powerful reaction [to] the potent uplift of Islam's simple appeal to the sense of higher things, unaided by elaborate trappings, ornamentations, figures, pictures, music and ceremonial ritual. The mosque is a place of quiet contemplation and self-effacement in the greater reality of the One God.

The democracy of Islam has always appealed to me. Potentate and pauper have the same rights on the floor of the mosque, on their knees in humble worship. There are no rented pews nor special reserved seats.

The Muslim accepts no man as a mediator between himself and his God. He goes direct to the invisible source of creation and life, God, without reliance on saving formula of repentance of sins and belief in the power of a teacher to afford him salvation.

The universal brotherhood of Islam, regardless of race, politics, colour or country, has been brought home to me most keenly many times in my life and this is another feature which drew me towards the Faith.